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Wow, that Response v2 dashboard is looking great!

Wow, that Response v2 dashboard is looking great!

Going Back to the Future of Monitoring this week, I’ve been doing some separate work investigating SQL Azure (we have a Beta of SQL Compare for SQL Azure this week – sign up here to try it out) and have been trying to find out how popular the new platform is.

So far the answer has been – “not very”. Well, more specifically, there’s a lot of “Sounds interesting, I might look in to it sometime”, but only a handful of people are trying it out in anger, i.e. putting some real databases up in the cloud (that phrase is already beginning to sound hackneyed – a bit like “The Information Superhighway”..).

But, this blog is all about the Future of Monitoring and many (well, certainly many at Microsoft at least!) have a lot of faith in the future of SQL Azure and the Azure platform generally. They’ve invested a lot in the technology and I do think it shows a lot of promise. It was a smart move to make it a subset of SQL Server (rather than an alternative to), and that’s certainly helped with our SQL Compare development.

The question is – do you want to monitor it? Do you think MS should be handling it for you? There doesn’t seem to be anything “out-of-the-box” at the moment (Buck Woody mentions this here: – so will this be an important factor for you, in a decision to go with SQL Azure? Is it one of the things blocking you from looking at the platform (are you concerned that putting your DB out in the cloud takes it out of your control to some extent, such that you need to monitor performance more closely?).

As ever, we’d love to hear your views…

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