SQL Monitor

“The King is dead. Long live the King”

Or perhaps that should be, ‘Prince is dead. Long live the artist formerly known as Prince’, as we’ve changed the name of our SQL monitoring tool, formerly SQL Response, to SQL Monitor. Obvious choice really. And more pronounceable than a symbol.

So, this is version two, building on the success of SQL Response v1. It’s our ‘Sign of the Times’ double-album (yes, I’m persisting with the Prince analogy), multi-platinum and loaded with a string of hit singles (okay, I’m dropping the Prince analogy). So here’s a look at the key new features:

  • Overviews – dare we say ‘dashboards’?! Whatever, they provide up-to-date performance data from global, through machine and Instance, to database level
  • Historical data – we took the overviews and added a time machine so you can see a snapshot of the performance as it was out of office hours when you ignored the phone
  • Alerts – we took the alerts in v1 (deadlocks, job failures etc), added some more (service status alerts for example), packed in even more detailed information and made them more configurable
  • Free beer – I argued for this, but it was felt that the ability to use the data we gather to generate reports with SQL Server Reporting Services would be more useful to users. Thats true, but I’m still arguing for it…

So there you have it. SQL Monitor. It does exactly what it says on the virtual tin.

Beta now available

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