All things must PASS

The SQL Monitor team returned from the SQL PASS Summit today, bearing the much anticipated Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a bunch of photographs that betray their much lauded work ethic.

There is a huge amount of preparation and setting up that goes into an event like SQL PASS, so they claim, and clearly the Red Gate team pulled together and showed the value of teamwork:Teamwork
It was real ‘heads-down’ work in the exhibit hall apparently, even before the Summit opens, making sure the equipment is untangled and set up to demo SQL Monitor to the crowds. Then for 8 hours each day during the 4 days of the summit, the software was shown to a constant stream of DBAs.

Tiring work, but there are always distractions:


All that hard work meant that we had a great looking exhibit:

Red Gate SQL Monitor exhibit

…and Ben could start the Karaoke early:

I'll kick things off with Morris Minor and the Majors 'Stutter Rap'... Hey, where you going?

I'll kick things off with Morris Minor and the Majors 'Stutter Rap'... Hey, where you going?

Seattle Tap HouseA rare moment away from work was rewarded with a trip to a Seattle Tap House serving a staggering 160 beers on tap.

Faced with such choice, Product Manager Ben ordered a Coors Light.
Of course.

Congratulations to the SQL Monitor prizewinners and thanks to everyone that came to talk to us, we look forward to seeing you again next year…

Monitoring but not as we know it

It's monitoring Jim, but not as we know it

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