iPad and SQL Monitor – free to good home

This is SQL Monitor in a nutshell:

Friday night watching TV and servers
TV, beer and SQL Monitor
It’s Friday night and you’ve left the office. You’re at home with a beer and the TV on and you no longer care about the servers at work, right? Wrong. You do care. You’re responsible for the servers 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. But you’re not at the office.

This is where SQL Monitor comes in. This is where you reach for another beer and take another glance at the servers. Wait… Hold that beer… processor utilization is high on a production server… no, it’s gone back to normal… so, back to that beer…

But you want a mobile device for this, ideally an iPad. There was a genuine buzz around the office when we got our hands on some iPads and started using SQL Monitor. New technology is ‘so much fun’, just ask Grant Fritchey. Grant is one of three DBA experts we’ve asked to help hand out a total of 30 iPads, each with a license for SQL Monitor. Along with Brent Ozar and Steve Jones, they’ll be offering these out with the goal of increasing the life/work balance for 30 fellow DBAs.

Visit their blogs and enter one of the contests and you’ll be in with a chance of winning. The only catch is, you’ll have to buy your own beer.

Enter the competitions:
Brent Ozar ‘Giving away Apple iPads and Red Gate SQL Monitor
Grant Fritchey ‘Life/work balance
Steve Jones ‘iPads for Christmas

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