Maintenance windows and SSRS reports

The latest SQL Monitor 2.2 release has a new feature called Maintenance windows. This allows you to define a period when you wish to temporarily stop SQL Monitor from raising alerts and apply this to all or some machines.

Edit Maintenance Window

Set Maintenance Window

In the example above, our cheeringly named death machine is set to suspend alerting for one hour each evening at 11pm. SQL Monitor continues to collect the data, so you can still go back in time to a point that occured in a maintenance window and see what was happening, and the data will be in the repository for reporting purposes (I’m coming to that), but alerts won’t be raised for the duration of the window. This is useful for scheduled downtime and is in addition to the existing ‘Suspend monitoring’ option which can be used to manually stop monitoring and prevent SQL Monitor from connecting until you resume monitoring.

We’ve also provided a free SQL Monitor SSRS Reporting Pack as a good place to get started if you want to generate reports from SQL Monitor’s data repository. There are 9 examples, including reports to show CPU, Memory, RAM or disk usage over time.

Memory usage summary

Download the free SQL Monitor SSRS reporting pack
Release notes for SQL Monitor 2.2

We hope you find these useful and look forward to your feedback as we continue developing the next release…

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