Best practices clinic

If you were the DBA for the and databases, what changes would you make?

There is an interesting experiment happening over at The databases for SSC and can be monitored by anyone (SQL Monitor was installed and the interface made public at So you’re invited to take a look at them, and then suggest changes to the configuration based on what you see.

Brad McGehee is writing a series of articles, with each article focusing on a specific topic, and readers are invited to send in their suggestions. In Part 1 the focus is simply on the property settings, because as Brad says, this is “what I do when I first check out a SQL Server that I have never seen before”. Brad, along with Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones and Simon Lye, will comment on the suggestions and then write a follow up. Gradually the articles will dive deeper into the environment and build a picture of best practices as recommended by the community.

Here’s an example of how it’s working:

Best practices pt1

Read Brad’s opening article, SQLServerCentral Best Practices Clinic: Part 1 for all the info.

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