SQL Monitor 3.3 – Analysis Improvements

We’ve just released a new version of SQL Monitor, version 3.3

This release features some improvements to the Analysis feature. We’ve had a number of requests, including a well-supported suggestion on UserVoice, that we allow the selection of multiple counters.

Multiple metrics

Viewing multiple metrics could be achieved by adding separate graphs for each metric, or by overlaying multiple metrics onto one graph. For this release we’ve chosen the latter implementation because the feedback we’ve had on the designs suggests this will make it easier to see correlations and anomalies.

Analysis correlations

The design should allow you to view multiple metrics for a machine, then quickly view the same metrics for another machine. By default, each metric that is added will inherit the object of the previous metric. For example, choose a machine and subsequent metrics will also default to that machine, displaying ‘As above’. In the image below, I chose to view Full scans/sec on the local instance of machine rg-sql01. When I added the Page splits/sec and Page splits/batch request metrics, they inherited the instance and machine:


To view the same set of metrics on a different machine or server, simply change the object on the first metric and the metrics below will inherit the change where possible:


Of course, you can also view the same metric across multiple servers if you wish:

One metric across multiple servers

Coming soon…

We are working on further improvements to the Analysis feature, but wanted to release this as soon as possible so that we could get more feedback from our users, to influence the development. Currently, our plans include adding the ability to:

  • Drag and zoom on the graph, so that you can easily move back in time and zoom in on points of interest
  • Compare a time range to another range more easily and with a better selection of default comparison choices
  • Compare against a baseline so you can quickly tell if behaviour is ‘normal’

Please email us if you would like to share your feedback or preview our latest designs via a remote session. You can also share your suggestions on our UserVoice site.

Tomorrow we’ll post more about other improvements in this v3.3 release…

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