SQL Monitor 3.3 – Email Improvements

For SQL Monitor 3.3, we’ve improved on one of our most popular features: alert emails.

When configured with an SMTP server, SQL Monitor can send email notifications whenever new alerts are raised or when their severity has escalated. It’s not surprising that some of our top feature requests on UserVoice relate to these alert emails, because they allow you to spot server problems before your customers do. In the latest version of SQL Monitor, we’ve improved the subject lines and message bodies of emails to help you get to the bottom of any server issues much more quickly.

Let’s have a look at the subject line first. An email from SQL Monitor 3.2.1 looks like this:

SQL Monitor 3–40632355 | server1 | Processor under-utilization (Raised – Low)

Much as we love to promote ourselves, we believe that any excitement for seeing “SQL Monitor 3″, followed by an arcane numeric ID, will wane after a few occurrences. The new subject line puts the most important information first, allowing you to quickly identify groups of similar alerts, for example:

Processor under-utilization | server1 (Raised: Low)

In the email body itself, we’ve added a new Details section to provide further information about why the alert was raised. For example, if the alert is about blocked processes, details for both the blocking and blocked process are displayed. For a “Long Running Query” alert, the email includes the T-SQL fragment causing the alert:

Email Improvement

Who wrote that?!

And don’t forget, our integration with PagerDuty gives you a great deal of control over when and where email notifications are sent, allowing you to set up rules based on the alert severity, time of day, and more.

With our new alert emails, we’re trying to help you decide quickly which alerts require further investigation. SQL Monitor 3.3 is available for download here. What do you think of our alert emails? We’d welcome your comments.

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