SQL Monitor 3.5 – Baselines

The latest version of SQL Monitor has a new ‘baseline’ feature on the Analysis page. This is the third successive release this year aimed at helping to determine if a metric is ‘normal’ and follows the improvements to the time navigation controls and the ability to display multiple metrics on the same Analysis graph.

This represented a significant challenge for our team, figuring out how to surface something simple but effective from the complexities of the underlying feature, and we’re grateful again for the support and feedback of everyone that took part in our research sessions and helped us to understand what was required.

Take a look at our baselining page to get an overview of the new features, and see what Grant Fritchey has to say in the video below:

And if you’d like to see what we’re working on now, and influence the shape of the feature we’re developing, please email us and we’ll send further details.

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