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Dashboard Design – guest post by Jen Stirrup

SQL Monitor: Dashboard Design The Red Gate SQL Monitor tool is a dashboard tool, which helps DBAs and other critical-operation team members to monitor and assess the performance of SQL Server. SQL Monitor is interesting from the data visualisation perspective, because it aims to present information in a way that is intuitive to users, even [...]
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Database Overview

SQL Response v2 will provide four main overviews of your system. Starting at the Global Overview page, you can drill down to a Machine overview, a SQL instance overview, and from there down to the database level. We’ve previously posted some of these overview designs for the Global, Machine and SQL Server levels. The design [...]
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The Future of Monitoring at SQL PASS

Thank you to everyone who came to talk to us at the Red Gate booth at SQL PASS last week. We really appreciate that so many people took the time to let us know what they want to see in a monitoring tool. Here are the latest designs that were shown to visitors. Let us [...]
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Disk usage on the global overview

We think we’re going down the right track with our ‘global overview’, the part of the UI designed to give you a summary of the current status across your entire system, but a lot of you are asking us to show current disk usage in addition to CPU and Memory. The problem is we’re not [...]
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Design a dashboard examples

We’re still in the process of working out exactly how our dashboards might look. We’ve showed several different designs to many people, and feel we’re getting closer to the ideal dashboard. But we still want to see what your ideal dashboard looks like. One of the people we showed our designs to commented “I’m one [...]
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What do you want from a Global Overview?

One of the really cool features we’re planning for SQL Response 2 is the Global Overview. This is a kind of ‘front page’ that is designed to draw your attention to any significant issues across your entire enterprise. The global overview is the top level of a hierarchy of ‘overview’ pages that include: A Physical [...]
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What do you dislike about installers?

We’re in the middle of designing the SQL Response 2 installer at the moment. We’re trying our hardest to make the installation process as painless and as user-friendly as we possibly can. So, we’d like to know: What irritates you most about installers? Have you installed a product recently where the installation process really annoyed [...]
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