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SQL Monitor 3.5 – Baselines

The latest version of SQL Monitor has a new ‘baseline’ feature on the Analysis page. This is the third successive release this year aimed at helping to determine if a metric is ‘normal’ and follows the improvements to the time navigation controls and the ability to display multiple metrics on the same Analysis graph. This [...]
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SQL Monitor 3.4 – Analysis Improvements

For the most recent release of SQL Monitor, version 3.4, we’ve focused on making further improvements to the Analysis feature. The previous release, version 3.3, introduced the ability to add multiple metrics for comparison, to make it easier to see correlations and aberrations. Having identified interesting peaks and troughs, we now want to help answer [...]
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SQL Monitor 3.3 – Email Improvements

For SQL Monitor 3.3, we’ve improved on one of our most popular features: alert emails. When configured with an SMTP server, SQL Monitor can send email notifications whenever new alerts are raised or when their severity has escalated. It’s not surprising that some of our top feature requests on UserVoice relate to these alert emails, [...]
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SQL Monitor 3.3 – Analysis Improvements

We’ve just released a new version of SQL Monitor, version 3.3 This release features some improvements to the Analysis feature. We’ve had a number of requests, including a well-supported suggestion on UserVoice, that we allow the selection of multiple counters. Multiple metrics Viewing multiple metrics could be achieved by adding separate graphs for each metric, [...]
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We’ve recently pushed out a minor release – version number It contains the following two fixes: IE 10 – SQL Monitor UI now works on IE 10 SQL Monitor will now be able to monitor SQL Server 2012 which has AlwaysOn availability group feature turned on To take advantage of the Availability Group feature [...]
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SQL Monitor – development update

Here’s an update on what the SQL Monitor Development Team have been working on just recently for version 3.2 and beyond. Custom metrics library Since developing the custom metrics feature, we’ve seen it put to some interesting uses, ranging from simple but effective reality checks (Time since last restore) to complex scripts giving insights into [...]
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