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SQL Monitor 3.4 – Analysis Improvements

For the most recent release of SQL Monitor, version 3.4, we’ve focused on making further improvements to the Analysis feature. The previous release, version 3.3, introduced the ability to add multiple metrics for comparison, to make it easier to see correlations and aberrations. Having identified interesting peaks and troughs, we now want to help answer [...]
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SQL Monitor v3 Early Access Program update

Last week we sent out the third of our Early Access Program releases (you can still sign up for the SQL Monitor EAP and get the latest release). There is a new feature – user roles – and an update to the custom metrics and alerts feature. User roles: The most requested feature via SQL [...]
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New Alerts Pt 1 (of 3)

I’ve spent the last few weeks investigating the alerts that the new v2 product will offer, in particular the new alerts that are not currently available in v1. SQL Response v2 will provide a number of Overviews for SQL Server Instances summarising activity on those servers. For example, a number of Perfmon counters (Buffer Cache [...]
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Clock Skew

Einstein famously discovered that all time is in fact relative. This is all very well when travelling at near-light speed or when considering theoretical inter-galactic spacemen, but for monitoring SQL Servers, knowing the correct time can be a big issue. We’re currently having some pretty brow-furrowing, head-scratching discussions about how to handle the synchronization of [...]
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CPU usage – per core or combined?

Speaking to our Infrastructure Manager the other day, he mentioned how they found looking at CPU per core helpful because recently there was a problem with 1 core being locked onto, causing CPU issues. Would you expect SQL Response to show your CPU usage per core, or are you happy with a combined total? Do [...]
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Waits and Queues

Waits are the delays caused when a process or worker thread cannot immediately access the resources it requires. Waits can be caused by either excessive activity or inadequate resources. Queues store incoming requests for resources that cannot be immediately satisfied. Waits and queues can help to identify the resources which are under pressure. But, I’m [...]
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Disk usage on the global overview

We think we’re going down the right track with our ‘global overview’, the part of the UI designed to give you a summary of the current status across your entire system, but a lot of you are asking us to show current disk usage in addition to CPU and Memory. The problem is we’re not [...]
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What metrics do you use? Part two: Disk

This is part two of our blogs about which counters you use when monitoring your servers. Click here for part one, about memory counters. Suggested Counters Disk space available The amount of disk space available, in GB, per logical disk. Logical disk idle time The percentage of elapsed time that the disk is not servicing [...]
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What metrics do you use? Part one: Memory

One of the key features of SQL Response v2 will be the ability to monitor a whole set of metrics in real-time across your enterprise from physical servers, SQL Servers, disks, network and so on. There’s a huge amount of information that we can and will display in SQL Response v2, but we’d like to [...]
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